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No matter where Your server are, We can handle it!

We offer high quality server administration services for hundreds of clients ranging from individuals & hobbyist to small & enterprise size businesses. If You want to stay secure and online, We're the team for You! We have server administration technicians around the globe that monitor the Prosolusindo helpdesk 24/7 every day of the year. All server management plans include our basic 24/7 server monitoring. Please see below for a full list of the services We offer.

If You order an unmanaged server, the server management packages can be selected either when ordering Your server on our order form or purchased at any point after by contacting our sales team. You can even purchase one of our plans if You have a server elsewhere and need server management. Our server management service is ideal for everyone - whether You simply need a 'fall back' or require a full administration service.

Frequently Asked Question

What happen if some services are down?

If We are alerted that Your server is down or some services are down, We will login to Your server right away and fix it. Your server is monitored 24/7 via our monitoring system.

Do You support live chat?

Yes, We have support live chat 24/7, also email support and phone support.

If I change my root password, should I inform You?

This is a must! If You still want us to manage Your server, any changes that not made by our team must be inform back to us, otherwise it will take more time for us to fix Your server.

Do You install 3rd party software on the server?

With only install 3rd party software behalf on Your request OR We might install our 3rd party software for monitoring purposes only.

Do You able to mitigate DDOS attack?

Yes, with server management, We able to mitigate DDOS attack from software level, it means We optimize Your server and protect any possible ports and reduce amount of attack base on 3rd party software configuration.
Please note that DDOS attack is not fully coverage by 3rd party software, if the attack is more than the server can handle and bring Your server down, We only can contact network provider and ask them to mitigate the attack from network level.
For best protection We suggest You to have own dedicated DDOS protection that will protect on network level attack, please refer to our DDOS Protection page.

Are my servers password treated securely?

Yes. We keep Your password and other server details securely and only those responsible tech's have access to them.

What language You provide?

Right now, We only provide language for English and Indonesia only.
Respone Time (Average - Max)
Resolution Time (Average - Max)
24/7 Support
Host Down Check
Server Hardening & Setup
Level I to Level III Support
Server Security
Escalate To Data Center
Server Reboots (On Request)
Server Migration
Restore Server From Backup
OS Update, Patches, Hardening
ClamAV Installation & Config
3rd Party Software Config
DDOS Mitigation
Hacked Server Analysis/Recovery
Secure Server After Hacked
Hardware failure Restoration
Custom Needed Settings
Weekly Security Auditing
Extended Monitoring Service
VPS / Dedicated Starter
30 - 60 mins
4 - 8 hours
Starter Pack
VPS / Dedicated Full
15 - 30 mins
2 - 4 hours
Best For Small Business
VPS / Dedicated Completed
10 - 20 mins
1 - 2 hours
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