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Prosolusindo's hosting services has been recognized for providing a one stop solution wherever You are. We are delighted to reward our Affiliates and Reseller Partnership with attractive incentives for every new sign-ups, recurring product purchase or subscription services that We offer to our clients.

Affiliate Program works as a referral service, where we reward You for every RECURRING web hosting order, just for put our banner and spreading the good word about our web hosting service! You can refer Your friends, family, clients, coworkers, in fact absolutely anyone to our web hosting plans and We do the rest! We take care Your referral with our 24/7 support, worries free.

Reseller Partnership works as our partner. You must be our existing client before signup with Reseller Partnership program, the benefit is You get discounts for all products! Start from domain name, web hosting plans, vps plans or dedicated servers plans and You can set the prices whatever You like! Evenmore, We provide all Reseller with whitelabeled pre-made website, You can change it with Your own brand name without need to know HTML or other website programming language to be our Reseller Partnership, infact You can start selling immediately after register and verified. Enjoy the easiness of being our Reseller Partnership!

To show You how profitable our Affiliate Program and Reseller Partnership is, here's what we offer to You of what You can earn as our affiliate or Reseller Partnership every month!

Affiliates Program

  • 10% will be added to Your billing account for every new signups that You refer
  • 5% for total recurring payment above USD100$ and under USD1000$
  • 10% for total reccuring payment under USD2000$
  • 20% for total recurring payment USD2000$ or above

Reseller Partnership

  • Tier 1 (USD1000$ / mo) = 5% discount
  • Tier 2 (USD2000$ / mo) = 10% discount
  • Tier 3 (USD3000$ / mo) = 15% discount
  • Tier 4 (USD4000$ / mo) = 20% discounts
  • Tier 5 (Above USD5000$ / mo) = 25% discounts


  1. How to join ? You must register with us and provide all personal information including payment method details in order to get paid.
  2. What range of products are eligible? Affiliates get paid for web hosting products subscription and not include for Domain, VPS, Dedicated and other services.
  3. What payment method You offer? We have paypal and local bank, but we suggest using paypal instead.
  4. When I get paid? You get paid after client You refer pay his/her 2nd subscription/invoices.
  5. Can I view my earning and client that I've refer? Absolutely, You can view Your earning, clients with their product respectively from our affiliates page.
  6. I'm new in hosting and dont know anything, can You help me? Base on Your knowledge, We only suggest You for refer us via W2M or Word to Mouth, just refer anyone You know and need a hosting to be hosted on our hosting company.
  7. I'm a website owner, have a blog or website and interesting to earning some cash, can I ? That's great, for website owner, we have banner to put on Your website/blog and You dont need anything else, but it will be more great if You can offer us to anyone You know, this affected Your earning. More client You refer, the more money You earn.
  8. What about support? Our support team online 24/7 via live chat, ticket, and phone. We take care all customer not only Your clients, but all clients. Worries free!

Reseller Partnership
  1. How to join? For Reseller Partnership, You must be our active client before eligible to be our Reseller and register on our Reseller Partnership page.
  2. Do I need to deposit? No need to deposit or fee's to be our Reseller Partnership. You pay only for products You subscribed.
  3. What range of product are eligible? All products listed on our products page are eligible for sell, but we have limit for domain discount as listed : Domain discount for Tier 1 is 5% and Domain discount maximum is 10% for Tier 2, Tier 3, Tier 4.
  4. When I get paid? Actually, there's no "When I get paid" question because Reseller already have specials discount for all products.
  5. What is the benefit be Prosolusindo's Reseller Partnership? The benefits is discount for all products, white labeled reseller which is doesn't need You to create a website or progamming language. What You need is only spend few hours to set product price.
  6. What about support? Our support team online 24/7 via live chat, tickets, and phone.

Getting interested ? Contact us now and start making money with Prosolusindo!

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